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Exam Questions

  1. To what form factor does a notebook computer's system board conform?

    1. AT

    2. Baby AT

    3. ATX

    4. None

  2. What key provides context-sensitive help?

    1. CTRL key

    2. APPLICATION key

    3. WIN key

    4. ALT key

  3. What type of repair is used when an LCD panel fails?

    1. Replace the entire display panel/housing assembly.

    2. Replace the panel.

    3. Make repairs to the panel/housing assembly.

    4. Use a conventional CRT display.

  4. Which of the following is not a common external device used with portable computers?

    1. External disk drives

    2. External power sources and supplies

    3. External memory devices

    4. External I/O devices

  5. Where would you usually expect to find a PCMCIA card?

    1. In an ISA expansion slot

    2. In a serial port

    3. In a notebook computer

    4. In an MCA expansion slot

  6. Which of the following is not a procedural step in configuring a device for operation?

    1. Install the PC card in the PCMCIA slot.

    2. Refer to the device's user manual regarding any configuration jumper or switch settings.

    3. Record the device's default configuration settings.

    4. Set the device's configuration settings to operate at the default setting.

  7. Which of the following functions cannot be performed with a Type II PCMCIA card?

    1. Memory expansion functions

    2. Removable hard drive functions

    3. Serial port functions

    4. Parallel port functions

  8. What is the special plate that is added to the front and back of the LCD display?

    1. Black light panel

    2. Polarizer

    3. Anti-polarizer

    4. Thermotropic panel

  9. Which port is duplicated on some models of portable computers?

    1. Com port

    2. Parallel port

    3. Serial port

    4. USB port

  10. Which of the following items cannot be used with portable computer systems?

    1. Full-size keyboards

    2. VGA monitors

    3. Three-button mice

    4. PCI modem

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