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Review Questions

  1. What are the two ideal characteristics of portable computers?

  2. List three considerations that must be taken into account when replacing disk drives in a portable.

  3. What is the purpose of a docking station?

  4. List three power management modes and describe how they are different.

  5. What is the purpose of the Fn key on a portable computer keyboard?

  6. What occurs if the RAM device you are installing is not one of the recommended types?

  7. Where is the network adapter normally located in a portable computer?

  8. What functions do socket services provide for PC cards in a notebook computer?

  9. What is the significant feature of a cardbus slot?

  10. What type of device is a touch pad?

  11. Describe two typical connection methods for adding an external CD-ROM drive to a portable system.

  12. What two slot levels must the operating system support?

  13. Describe two methods of connecting a portable computer to a network.

  14. Describe what a port replicator does.

  15. What has been adapted to replace the mouse as a pointing device in notebook computers?

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