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Teaching Tips

This section contains advice on how to present the unit, including potential problems, what to highlight and review, study strategies for your students, and a list of other learning resources.

Potential Problems

  1. Students should be instructed to refrain from connecting or disconnecting components of any portable computer, without the express authorization of the instructor.

  2. For all classroom exhibits, you should assemble/install/run any portable system before the lecture period. This will ensure that any difficulties encountered can be corrected during out of class time, and you can, therefore, avoid any delay during the lesson.

Emphasis and Review

This lesson has covered the techniques and procedures for removing, installing, and configuring typical field replaceable hardware units associated with portable computer systems.

Study Strategies

To prepare for the Installation, Configuration, and Upgrading objective of the Core Hardware exam:

  • Read the objectives at the beginning of this chapter.

  • You should memorize the statistics of all CPUs, RAM modules, expansion slots/busses, and also the characteristics of all cables and connector types as they relate to portable computers.

  • If possible, visually inspect and touch each of the items described in this chapter.

  • Answer the Review and Exam Questions at the end of the chapter and check your results.

  • Use the PrepLogic test engine on the CD-ROM that came with the Training Guide for additional Review and Exam Questions concerning this material.

  • Review the Exam Tips scattered throughout the chapter in the Training Guide and make certain that you are comfortable with each point.

Class Activities

The following activities might help you to reinforce the information in this chapter:

  1. As you proceed through the lecture portion of this section, give the students the opportunity to get a hands-on experience with a portable computer as you discuss it.

  2. Have the students remove and install an item from a portable computer and have them identify the name and characteristics of the associated item.

Class Discussions

In addition to the discussions suggested in the lecture outline, consider the following areas for discussion:

  1. Discuss the type of hardware that will be encountered in portable systems. What are the differences in the components used in portables versus desktop units?

  2. Discuss the differences in the display types between desktop and portable/notebook units, pointing out the differing repair aspects.

  3. Discuss the differences in the power attributes and adapter cards between notebooks and PC systems.

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