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In the preceding chapter, you learned how to create and configure a WebLogic Server, so the next logical learning step was to understand and experience the tools that support the WebLogic Server. Such a discussion of these tools is important early in your WebLogic learning experience because, like most tools, they are there to provide you with an efficient mechanism to perform specific tasks in the context of the WebLogic Server environment.

Many tools come bundled with the WebLogic Server. To keep this chapter concise and immediately applicable to the competency you need to practically use the WebLogic Server, we focused only on those tools that support two very important operational tasks that are core to the WebLogic Server:

  • The administration of the WebLogic Server

  • The deployment of J2EE-based applications into the WebLogic Server domains

For information regarding WebLogic Server tools that fall outside WebLogic Server deployment and administration, you will need to refer to the WebLogic Server documentation.

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