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A Checklist

Here's a quick checklist to consult when creating an affiliate tracking and reporting program. (For a print-ready PDF version, click here.)



Track the number of impressions

How many times was your banner, graphic, or text link seen by a visitor to your affiliate's site?

Report the number of click-throughs

A large number of page impressions for your affiliate doesn't necessarily translate to results for your organization. How many of those visitors actually clicked your ad?

Record visitor response

Was your ad successful? Track whether visitors who clicked through to your site actually responded further once there. Did the visit result in a sale or comparable activity? Was the activity finalized with a shipped order, if applicable?

List affiliate compensation earned and paid

Affiliates are doing this for results, just like your organization. Help them keep track of how they're doing. Remember that your reports should subtract applicable expenses before listing compensation to be paid.

Make affiliate reports timely and easy to access

Affiliates should be able to view their activity and sales reports by day, week, month, and quarter, with updates every 24 hours.

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