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A Checklist

Here's a quick checklist to keep handy when your IT staff checks for marketing information in your site logs and when communicating with visitors during and after a visit. Make the log information readily available—in a usable form—for your business managers. (For a print-ready PDF version, click here.)



Use logs to evaluate marketing strategy

Evaluate your log reports to determine which types of advertising generate site traffic with the best return on investment.

Use logs to improve the value proposition

Find out where visitors are entering your site—at your home page, or elsewhere. Make the contents of those entry pages really count.

Use logs to analyze site abandonment

Learn where visitors are exiting your site, so you can determine why you're losing them.

Use logs to track visitors around the site

Track your visitors' traffic patterns; determine which pages and items are popular, so your business managers can figure out what's most interesting to your visitors.

Use logs to track return on investment

How many times does an average consumer visit your site before making a first purchase? Consecutive purchases? The more detailed the visit-to-purchase ratios, the more likely that your marketers can improve your merchandising.

Communicate your organization's message with FAQs

Make the FAQ page on your web site an easy-to-read summary of the web site itself, where visitors can get quick access to the information they're likely to need most.

Communicate your organization's message with a press room

Organize your press room to be a source of publicity about your company and an important resource for journalists.

Build visitor trust with a secure checkout

On your home page, specify that credit card purchases are secure. Wherever credit card usage is mentioned, include a link to a page that explains how credit card numbers are protected when used on your site.

Build visitor trust with a privacy policy

Make your Privacy Policy page accessible from the footer of every page on your site. In the Privacy Policy, specify exactly how, when, and why you will use the visitor's information.

Use auto responders as marketing vehicles

Improve your automatic responses by adding a strong marketing message wherever possible. Take advantage of the visitor's interest to reach him or her with more purchasing opportunities.

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