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Using Parameters

XSLT documents can accept parameters to modify their behavior. The <x:param> tag allows you to pass parameters to the XSLT to be used in conjunction with the transformation.

The two syntaxes allow you to specify how the value of the parameter is to be specified. The first syntax uses an attribute to specify the value of the parameter. The second syntax uses the body of the <x:param> tag to specify the value of the parameter.

  • Syntax 1: Parameter value specified in attribute "value"

     <x:param name="name" value="value"/>
  • Syntax 2: Parameter value specified in the body content

     <x:param name="name">
     parameter value

The <x:param> tag has only two attributes. The name attribute allows you to specify the name of the attribute that you are providing. The second attribute value allows you to specify value of the parameter that you are specifying.

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