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Assumptions and Limitations

The processes in this methodology are orientated toward a typical lights-out data center environment. We make the following assumptions about server configurations:

  • JumpStart™ software is available for system installations.

  • JumpStart software is configured properly for hands-off system installation and configuration. (Refer to "References and Related Resources" on page 33 for additional information.)

  • The Solaris Security Toolkit software is used as the framework to deploy the security scripts. (Refer to "References and Related Resources" on page 33 for additional information.)

  • Terminal consoles (character-based) are used for console access.

  • No video cards are used on any of the systems.

  • No X Window server software is required on the server.

The software builds are performed on Sun4U™ systems that are based on UltraSPARC™ II and III technology (Netra™, Ultra Enterprise™, and Sun Fire™ servers) and use PCI interface cards. Additional packages are required to support other hardware platforms not documented in this article.

Minimized systems may or may not support specific applications. Care should be taken when developing minimized Solaris OE configurations to ensure that required applications run properly.

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