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3.7 JUNOScript

As of JUNOSv4.3B2, the JUNOScript feature is available. This feature provides an alternate method for communicating information to and from the router. This method is an extensible-markup-language (XML) interface for communicating with the router. Because the JUNOScript API is an XML interface, it enables you to build client applications for monitoring and communicating information to and from the router using Perl. JUNOScript can also support HTML through the use of CGI scripts. JUNOScript needs to be configured on a UNIX machine. The process to enable a client application can be found on the Juniper Networks Web site at http://www.juniper.net/support/junoscript. This link lists the required software components needed for the installation, as well as links to instructions and sample Perl scripts for use with JUNOScript.

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