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Late Friday Night with |][][] |v| (DOOM)

Although I had made it into the private chat room, this victory was short-lived. No more than five minutes went by before I found myself booted from #tkworld1. I tried to get back in, but the room seemed to have been locked down. I kept trying to find a way in and was getting very frustrated when I suddenly noticed that a new room had appeared named TK. I quickly joined this room (no password needed) and found a user with a very hackerish name who I also noticed in the #tkworld1 room and in the dump file (see Figure 3). However, because the name was cryptic, I didn't really pick up on the fact that it could have been a real person. Feeling a bit foolish, I first fired off a message to the room and then directly to the username, asking if this was a real person or just another bot. To my surprise |][][]|v| responded!

To make a long story short, our conversation went through several stages. At first DOOM was very curious about who I was and how I got there and what I knew about #tkworld. I replied with a miniature version of my story thus far and asked what he knew. Not surprisingly, he was very vague in his answers but let on to several interesting tidbits of information:

  • He had set up the chat server for a "friend."

  • The TK worm had been recently released, and the chat server had been online only for a few hours.

  • The IRC worm had been installed as a service.

  • The worm facet used the IIS Unicode exploit to spread.

  • His IRC program was labeled Thr34t IRC.

  • He was still in school and lived in the U.K. (possibly false).

The conversation lasted about a half hour, with some tangents about various things, but it ended with me asking if I could get a copy of the Trojan files and if he could tell me what the password was to the #tkworld rooms. Both requests were politely denied, but I had more than enough information to start looking for the answer myself. I signed off and went to get some sleep.

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