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This chapter is from the book


Regardless of whether you are a fan of shoot-em-up space games, I hope you realized the significance of the Space Out game that you designed and built in this hour. In addition to adding yet another complete game to your accomplishments, the Space Out game is important because it represents the most complete game in the book. In other words, it makes the most complete usage of the features you've worked so hard adding to the game engine. Not only that, but the Space Out game is a great game for experimenting with your own ideas, simply because it is the kind of game that can be expanded upon in so many different ways. Before you get too crazy modifying the Space Out game, however, sit tight because I have a few modifications of my own to throw at you before I turn you loose in the wild world of game programming.

This hour concludes this part of the book, which was admittedly quite short. The next part of the book picks up right where you left off by showing you some sure-fire techniques to add pizzazz to your games. More specifically, you find out how to add interesting features to the Space Out game such as a splash screen, a demo mode, and a high score list.

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