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Time Management and Productivity

When you work in a corporate environment, you are at the mercy of everyone else's schedule. The department head calls a meeting at 11:00 A.M., which happens to be your most "up" time of day, when you like to do sales calls. But you dutifully head to the meeting because it's mandatory.

Just as we suggest looking at your body clock to take advantage of some freedom from the nine-to-five rut, we also suggest looking at your time management in terms of productivity. Tedious tasks should be done when you are most tired. File when you feel you need to give your brain some downtime, not when you are at your peak. If you feel lonely and want to take time to make a phone call to a client you usually enjoy talking to, make the call when you need an energy lift. Save your peak performance times for those tasks that require your peak performance.

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