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7.7 Busy Signals

Let's face it. If you haven't figured out a way to make your business work in the physical world, just putting your business online isn't going to make it work either.

Here's the good news, however?

A number of industries out there have been able to serve various customer markets of under a million people and make some impressive amounts of money while doing so. These industries have done a superb job of exploiting the world's best Internet technologies in order to run their online businesses in an impressive, cost-effective manner.

For the wise and business savvy among us, opportunity abounds in this arena, and I think we've barely scratched the surface. I see a lot of promising opportunities ahead for those who choose to bring their business to the Internet. It's hard to predict the future with rock-solid accuracy, but I believe the outlook is quite bright.

Back in 1915, although ever so busy with the telephone and his other inventions, Alexander Graham Bell nevertheless took a moment to ponder the future. He noted, "The possibilities of further achievement by the use of electricity are inconceivable. Men can do nearly everything else by electricity already, and I can imagine them with coils of wire about their heads coming together for communication of thought by induction."

I wonder if Mr. Bell is looking down upon us today and thinking that gigabytes and megapixels are every bit as cool as coils of wires about people's heads.

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