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3.7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Are there aspects in a process apart from the "what," the "who," and the "how"?


Yes, and they are related to the timing of execution of the process— in other words, the "when." I have described the three parts of a process in order to simplify the understanding of a process. They are not the only aspects in a process. Furthermore, the issues of creating a process environment itself, the corresponding process-based CASE tool, along with the issues of transitioning to a new process, are some important practical considerations to consider. These practical issues are discussed in Chapter 4.


Is understanding the process metamodel important for process-based work in a project?


The metamodel I have described in Figure 3.2 is only to create a theoretical understanding of how process-components are put together. You can work a process without worrying about the logic behind the metamodel. However, if your role in a project is that of a process engineer, then this understanding of a process metamodel is invaluable in your work of creating a SEP and adopting it. The same applies to the role of a process CASE tool developer.


How do I apply the process-components?


You don't apply the process-components as they are described in this chapter. Rather, you create a project task plan based on the requirements of your particular project, its size and type, and how you want to iterate within the project by taking help and guidance from the process-components. This is also described in Chapter 4.


How do the process-components described here relate to the Agile methodologies like eXtreme Programming and Crystal?


Agile methodologies eschew the formal descriptions and possible bureaucracy of complete process. However, in practice, I find it highly advisable to combine the process-components described in this chapter with the principles of Agility.

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