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Debugging Your NUnit Tests

Setting up VS.NET to debug your unit tests is very simple; just follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the NUnit test project (MusicTest, in my case) and select Properties.

  • Select Debugging under the Configuration Properties group

  • Enter nunit-gui.exe in the Start external program.

Figure 2 illustrates setting the debug properties for your project.

Figure 2Figure 2 Setting Visual Studio.NET to run the NUnit GUI application while debugging.


Your startup project must be set to your NUnit test library for debugging with NUnit to work.

You can now set breakpoints and watches as you normally would. Pressing F5 (Run) launches nunit-gui.exe, and breaks your program on either error or breakpoint. Figure 3 shows my NUnit test halting on a breakpoint.

Figure 3Figure 3 Running an NUnit test with Setting Visual Studio.NET.

You can now write, run, and debug your NUnit tests. This ability will prove to be invaluable as you start to learn NUnit.

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