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Extending the Sample

I took my MusicLib sample and added a business layer between WinForms and SQL Server. As an extra twist, I implemented the business layer in VB.NET. (The MusicBiz library is actually little more than a data façade—its purpose here is to demonstrate how more complex builds can be handled.) Download the sample code and you'll see I have a VS.NET solution with the following:

  • MusicTest—NUnit tests written in VB.NET

  • MusicBiz—Business rules layer written in VB.NET

  • MusicLib—Win Forms client written in C#

  • Moo—SQL Server 2000 database

I'm only using my NUnit test library to test the business layer back to the database. Figure 1 illustrates the components of the solution.

Figure 1Figure 1 Sample solution.

It is useful to learn how to debug NUnit tests within Visual Studio before we delve further into the sample.

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