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You now have a core foundation of knowledge we can build on. You also see that Linux brings many opportunities for you to reduce your IT costs, but that open source presents new business risks that must be managed. With a core understanding of key terms and knowing the major players, we can now start to explore the specifics of how you can take advantage of these benefits and manage the risks within your enterprise.

The rest of Part 1 will expand your understanding of the Linux operating system, and go into the details of open source and the associated licenses. Part 1 ends with an overview of the more significant open source communities that you will likely encounter and need to work with. Part 2 will take a look at the operational side of Linux, encouraging you to consider what you need to deploy in your enterprise, along with providing information about the support, migration, and cost implications of Linux. Part 3 will dig into managing the business risks and opportunities of open source. It will outline not only how to work with open source projects, but also how to implement the development methodology in your environment.

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