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Getting to Know Your Pavilion Keyboard

Your keyboard is no longer just the thing you tap on to enter text and commands into your computer. It's a fully functional command central for your HP Pavilion, offering shortcut keys that let you instantly access Shopping, a DVD player, and more, as shown in Figure 3.6.

Figure 3.6Figure 3.6 The Pavilion keyboard offers one-touch access to a wealth of features.

Here's what the special keys on your keyboard will do:

  • You'll find one-button access to HP, your printer, and My Photo Center on the left side of your keyboard. Using these, you can instantly log on to the My HP Club Web site, go to the Print dialog box to print the currently displayed document, or open the My Photo Center program to edit or print photos or create photo slide shows.

  • The middle section of the keyboard offers keys to instantly access the Internet: Shopping, Sports, Finance, Connect, Search, Chat, E-mail. Note that, if you are not connected to the Internet and press any of these keys, your HP Pavilion is smart enough to use your default connection to the Internet to log you on.

  • The question mark button is the thing to hit if you want to go directly to the Help and Support Center.

  • CD Player controls are on the right side at the top of your keyboard. You can press the button with a musical note on it to open the MusicMatch Jukebox program (see Figure 3.7) where you can create libraries of CDs or access favorite radio stations (note that you must be connected to the Internet to play radio stations). Then, use the keyboard controls to play, pause, stop, rewind, or fast forward music. You can also use the buttons with up and down arrow keys to adjust your computer's volume or press the Mute button (a button with a little speaker image on it) to temporarily turn off your computer's sound.

    Figure 3.7Figure 3.7 MusicMatch lets you assemble libraries of music from CDs and the Internet.

  • Want to put your computer to sleep? Reach for the snooze button. The Standby button on your keyboard, with the image of a half moon, puts your computer into Standby mode. In this mode, the screen turns black, and the computer uses a lower level of power. However, you will continue to receive any computer faxes or email messages. You can click your mouse to wake the computer up again. When you resume, whatever programs or documents were open will be available, just as they were when you hit the Standby button.


    You can reconfigure any of the Internet buttons to take you to any Web site or open any program you like. Click Start, Control Panel, Printers and Other Hardware, Keyboard. Use the Keyboard Properties window to change the function of buttons, but


    Remember that the little symbols printed there may no longer make sense to others if you change their functions.

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