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This chapter is from the book


This chapter provides an overview of a variety of different vulnerabilities and exploits as they relate to computers and networks. While not the focus of this book, this chapter motivates the requirement for securing systems, which is the focus of this book. We've provided numerous references for further study.

For Further Reading


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Interesting Cracker Tales

These references do not provide any technical details but do relate stories about (in)famous attacks.

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Web Sites

For information related to Domain Name Service (DNS), InterNetNews (INN), and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), check out the home of the Internet Software Consortium (ISC),


The home of sendmail, a commonly used mail transfer agent (MTA), has lots of good information about sendmail-related vulnerabilities:


For good general security information, links, and references, visit the Information Systems Security Association site,


Professional certification in the field of security is available from (ISC)2. This site also has information about technical, physical, personnel, and many other areas of security. Their home page is


For an excellent collection of security tools and resources, visit the home of the Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology (COAST) site at


which also contains a great many links. Check them out!

Other good security sites include:


Full-Disclosure Resources

The following Web sites are considered full-disclosure sites because they publish details of various vulnerabilities and often offer code samples that exploit some of the vulnerabilities. The purpose of listing these sites here is to inform you about what the bad guys already know.


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