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This workshop tests whether you understand all the concepts you learned in this hour. It is very helpful to know and understand the answers before starting the next lesson.


  1. What is the difference between leading and managing?

    1. Leaders are more interested in the human-side.

    2. Fundamentally they are the same, with the exception that leading is more dynamic.

    3. Managing works best in controlled projects.

    4. Leading is focused on direction, whereas managing is focused on speed.

  2. When considering you as a leader, what question should the team ask?

    1. What is your level of technical skill and flexibility?

    2. What are your motives, skills, and values?

    3. What is your level of experience with XP?

    4. Are you a team member manager?

  3. What is an effective team?

    1. One that completes the project under budget.

    2. One where the leader has used XP values correctly.

    3. One where team members significantly relate to each other to achieve the shared goal.

    4. One with a high-level of constructive roles.

  4. What is the best place to start team building?

    1. The project kick-off.

    2. The project room, so all can be involved.

    3. Start anytime, the important thing is to start.

    4. During The Planning Game.

  5. What is your primary role as a leader?

    1. Interface with the team and management.

    2. Ensure the team is doing XP.

    3. Empower the team to succeed.

    4. Clear technical roadblocks.


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  1. Sit down today and write down your personal core values. Monitor yourself over the next week and determine if you are remaining true to these?

  2. Think about your team (as a leader or member). Using the criteria for an effective team, measure your team. Is there anything you can do to begin team building?

  3. Revisit the constructive and destructive roles mentioned earlier in this hour. Which deconstructive role(s) have you exhibited before? Pick a constructive role and over the next week, practice it at work.

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