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This chapter is from the book


Test your knowledge of the material covered in this chapter by answering the following questions.


  1. Which of the following is not a reason that people think computer programming is painfully difficult?

    1. Programmers spread that rumor to improve their employment prospects.

    2. Jargon and acronyms are all over the place.

    3. Mind-control waves are sent out by the CIA promoting this belief.

  2. What kind of tool runs a computer program by figuring out one line at a time?

    1. A slow tool

    2. An interpreter

    3. A compiler

  3. Why did James Gosling hole up in his office and create Java?

    1. He was unhappy with the language he was using on a project.

    2. His rock band wasn't getting any gigs.

    3. When you can't download any MP3 files at work, the Internet is pretty dull.


  1. c. Of course, the CIA could have forced me to say this.

  2. b. Compilers figure out the instructions beforehand so the program can run faster.

  3. a. At the time Gosling created Java, people thought that "MP3" was some kind of British secret service designation.

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