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It's workshop time again. Let's do it.


  1. True or False: NetBIOS is best used with no name servers.

  2. NetBIOS is

    1. A protocol for name resolution and file service

    2. A service for file services and service location

    3. A protocol for name resolution and service location

    4. None of the above

  3. True or False: WINS is the only naming service available to Windows users.

  4. NetBIOS can be transported via _______ and ________.

    1. UDP, TCP

    2. TCP/IP, NetBEUI

    3. TCP/IP, DNS

    4. WINS, DNS

  5. The third-party authentication supported by Active Directory is

    1. LDAP

    2. NetBIOS

    3. DNS

    4. WINS

  6. True or False: You must use a network analyzer to measure throughput of SMB.

  7. True or False: It is possible to access a Windows 2000 Server's hard drive, even when you cannot boot to it.

Answers to Quiz Questions

  1. False

  2. C

  3. False

  4. B. NetBIOS can be transported via TCP/IP or NetBEUI. Remember, DNS is an alternative to NetBIOS. WINS is a NetBIOS name server.

  5. A

  6. False

  7. True


  1. Use some of the troubleshooting tools outlined in this chapter on your functioning network. A good one to play with is NBTSTAT. Compare its output to the outputs listed in this hour. Are the types consistent with what you would expect? Try srvinfo on several of your servers. Are they patched to the same levels? Do they have as much free space as you would like?

  2. The time to experiment with recovery tools is now, not when an emergency arises. Plan a fire drill, and either write out what you would do, or actually do what you think you might have to do if your server became inaccessible (this is probably preferable) to another, non-production server.

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