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  1. I'm using TCP/IP and networking just fine without WINS. Come again? Why do I need this?

  2. You're likely in a nonrouted environment or your configuration has been set in stone in the LMHOSTS text files on your hard drive. Hey, if it's working for you, great! Just be aware that if you start to add workstations or add a router (which includes using some types of VPN), you will have to make some decisions.

  3. Any other recommendations for counters to track in the Performance applet?

  4. Sure. Apart from the obvious Processor and Memory counters, the Server set of counters are pretty useful, too, for Bytes Received and Bytes Transmitted. The PhysicalDisk set is also useful; % Idle Time is a good one to track if you're trying to see how hard users are hitting your server drives.

  5. I'd like to learn some more about Windows Services. Any good resource for me?

  6. You bet! Check out http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/techinfo/howitworks/management/w2kservices.asp.

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