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Here's a brief quiz to help you review this hour's terminology, as well as activities for you to try on your own.


  1. From what dialog screen do you access the various report creation wizards?

  2. What are the three distinct report design explorers new for Crystal Reports version 9?

  3. Which of the design explorers is used to interact with and add objects to your reports that are stored in a universal object library?

Quiz Answers

  1. The Crystal Reports Gallery dialog.

  2. The Report Explorer, Field Explorer, and Repository Explorer.

  3. The Repository Explorer—Allows report designers to access and interact with a central object library of available report objects.


You might want to repeat the exercises to rehearse the design features that we have covered in this hour. As an alternative to using the Standard Report Creation Wizard, you can also use the other report creation wizards to quickly construct a variety of different reports. If you'd like, go ahead and take a few minutes to explore the other report wizards, such as the Cross-Tab or Mail Label wizards. The Cross-Tab Report Creation Wizard is also covered in greater detail in Hour 14.

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