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In this article, we outlined the process in which a game or application becomes warez. This is no simple and unorganized hobby that has successfully provided free software to the world. The release of a warez'd program takes skills and talents that most people don't even know exist, much less understand.

While the spread of warez is deemed a solvable problem, this has not yet proved to be true. The solution will not be found by plugging up the methods of distribution with legal maneuvering or counter-hacking efforts, as the RIAA is attempting to legalize. The answer will instead be found in an equally abstract or plainly simple idea that defeats the very nature of warez itself. For example, if every company provided its software for free, warez would by definition no longer be necessary. Of course, this idea isn't a realistic possibility at this time, due to conventional methods of thinking and a general lack of creativity.

Another possible solution, which is being used by major hardware creators, is to incorporate anti-piracy schemes into the very hardware required to run software. However, this too has so far met with failure, as can be seen by the complete dissemination of Microsoft's Xbox and its conversion into a cheap computer able to run Linux.

Regardless of the efforts of governments, corporations, and lobbying organizations, the general public has spoken. People want their software, music, and movies; and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. The prohibition of alcohol had the reverse effect of pushing drinking into the very core of the rebellious American public. This resulted in the widespread distribution and use of alcohol, and eventually led to the acceptance of drinking and reversal of the law that restricted it in the first place. Prohibition didn't stop the American people from drinking alcohol because the demand was too great, and the public didn't take it seriously. Could this historical example provide an illustration of what is to come for warez?

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