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  1. Which of the following objects can be used to load a new URL into the browser window?

    1. document.url

    2. window.location

    3. window.url

  2. What information is stored by the navigator object?

    1. The current browser and version.

    2. The user's name, phone number, and hair color.

    3. The previous and next page in the navigation history.

  3. Which of the following describes the W3C DOM specification for the objects described in this hour?

    1. DOM level 0

    2. DOM level 1

    3. DOM level 2


  1. b. The window.location object can be used to send the browser to a new URL.

  2. a. The navigator object can tell you the current browser version.

  3. a. The objects described in this hour fall under the informal DOM level 0 specification.

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