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Switching From Microsoft Office

Are you a dissatisfied Microsoft Office user? Come on in, the software's fine.

Ten good reasons If you haven't, read Top Ten Reasons to Use StarOffice or OpenOffice.org on page 5.

Take it out for a spin Dip your toe in the pool. Download OpenOffice.org and see how you like it. Note: OOo has no WordPerfect import filter at this time, though we're working on it. Then see if you want to just keeping using it happily, or if you want to buy StarOffice.

Try converting files Once you've dipped your toe in the pool, try a test import. We're pretty sure it'll go really well. Just open a Microsoft Office file by simply choosing File > Open and choosing the right format in the format dropdown list.

Picture 7

You can also do a mass import using the AutoPilot, shown at right. It's no-risk experimentation since it leaves your Microsoft documents intact, just creating converted copies.

Spend some time with the tutorials Get to know StarOffice or OpenOffice.org.

  • Chapter 5, Setup and Tips, on page 97

  • Guided Tour of Writer on page 170

  • Guided Tour of Web on page 448

  • Guided Tour of Calc on page 504

  • Guided Tour of Impress on page 638

  • Guided Tour of Draw: Vector and Raster Graphics on page 755

  • Tutorial: Creating a Data Source on page 871

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