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Selecting Devices

If your digital camera or scanner has a TWAIN plug-in installed on your computer, you can work with each device one at a time or alternate between them. There are two ways you can select a device in the work area. You can choose the device from the File, Import menu list, or you can click the Connect to Camera or Scanner button in the Welcome window. The Select Import Source dialog box opens only if you click the Connect to Camera or Scanner button or the Import button located in the shortcuts bar. You can access the TWAIN plug-in–related software of each scanner or camera from the Select Import Source dialog box (see Figure 3.14), or from the File, Import menu list. After you select a device, you can't perform any other tasks in Photoshop Elements. You must exit the camera's software window before you can access any other features in the work area.

Figure 3.14 Select a device.

Be sure the device is connected to your computer before selecting it in the Select Import Source dialog box. If the software cannot locate the device, it asks you to connect the device. You'll need to reselect the camera from the Import submenu to reestablish a connection with the camera.

If the software is able to locate your camera or scanner, you can preview the images in the work area. The preview image is usually much larger than the image shown in the software window. If you want to scan or download several images, it might take a while.

You can view additional information about an image, or about the camera or scanner device, if the device software provides these options. Figure 3.15 shows an information window from Fuji's MX 2700 digital camera software. This information is also accessible in Photoshop Elements. Choose File, File Info to open the File Info dialog box. Select the EXIF option in the Section drop-down menu to view image description information for the active image window in the work area.

Figure 3.15 Different cameras offer different software features. The Fuji camera software enables you to view camera information in Photoshop Elements.

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