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Every Company Should Take Some First Steps

Few people doubt that the future will be wireless. Most suspect that this technology will bring some business value. Certainly, if we project far enough out into the future we can imagine a sort of telepathic connection between mobile workers and the company.

But even today, many companies are able to jump ahead by using wireless networks to connect portable computing devices to enterprise applications. These are the companies that have examined the business processes of their customer-facing employees and identified areas where today's technology can improve those processes:

  • Cost reduction. Activities and resources can be removed from processes.

  • Cycle time reduction. Sales, service, expense, and billing cycles can be reduced.

  • Increased revenue. We can introduce revenue-generating activities that wouldn't otherwise be possible. For example, we can look for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

  • Optimal use of time. At points in a business process where there is a wait state, workers can perform other useful tasks.

  • Increased customer satisfaction. The quality of the service to the customer is maximized.

  • Increased employee satisfaction. We can reduce tedium, unnecessary trips to the office, and paperwork.

I invite you to examine the business processes of your customer-facing employees to see how your company can gain competitive advantage through mobile technology. Start thinking about this now.

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