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Companies Have Solutions Today

Within five years, most companies will equip a large part of their workforce with wirelessly enabled portable computing devices, thereby achieving friction-free sales and service. This fact hasn't escaped vendors. Indeed, a new industry is forming around this budding market. This industry is currently structured as shown in Figure 3. At the top is the enterprise that wants to energize its mobile workforce. Below that are the different classes of vendors, each with a different approach to those enterprise customers.

Figure 3Figure 3 The structure of the industry.

To mobilize your enterprise, you'll need something from each kind of vendor. You probably won't deal with all of them directly, and unless you like to do a lot of in-house integration work, you probably don't want to have to deal with more than one or two vendors. A better method is to rely on one company to put the whole thing together. Choose a company with competencies in several areas and/or with strong complementary partnerships. For ongoing support issues, you have that company to beat up on. Let them deal with all the others.

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