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Future Plans

In the future, QA will expand its testing to include more clustered systems, including four-node cluster platforms. Testing will be expanded to include Sun's newly released hardware and software shortly after it becomes available. Manufacturing will also implement a test process to test the final assembly on the manufacturing floor before shipment to the customer for customization of the cluster at the customer's site. Customers will be offered more flexibility in selecting and having Sun test and integrate the exact hardware and software they need to meet their business needs as Sun's Customer Ready Systems program continues to grow its capabilities.

The testing process will also be automated, with QA moving from running the Solaris operating environment, Oracle, VERITAS and Sun ONE software in separate batches as a single integrated system to testing all packages in one batch process, driven by a common test harness, encompassing Sun ONE and failure recovery test suites and interoperability testing.

QA plans to use a test suite developed around a "real life" application later this year. It will be based on Sun's translation database, which contains translations of Solaris software and documentation in various languages, and is used to minimize localization cost and turnaround time. It will exercise several Sun ONE components of the stack, as well as Oracle, VERITAS, Sun Cluster and the Solaris operating environment.

Updated versions of this white paper will be developed after major improvements become available.

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