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This chapter is from the book


The Workshop contains quiz questions and activities to help reinforce what you've learned in this hour. If you get stuck, the answers to the quiz can be found after the questions.


  1. What is fps?

  2. What does a keyframe do?

  3. Where do you place a behavior in a timeline?


  1. Fps stands for frames per second. This setting affects how fast the animation runs.

  2. A keyframe is a frame where you can change properties.

  3. You place behaviors in the B Channel at the top of the Timelines panel.


  1. Create a timeline similar to the timed visibility swap you did this hour but drag images into the timeline instead of layers. With a keyframe selected, load a different source file for each image.

  2. Create an animation in which a layer moves around the screen. Add more keyframes. Do the keyframes change the way the animation runs? For instance, does the animation run more smoothly with more keyframes?

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