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Placing a Behavior in the Behaviors Channel

Another way to have similar results in the timeline that you just created is to place Show-Hide Layers behaviors in the B channel in the Timelines panel. To add behaviors to the timeline

  1. Do not drag any layers into the timeline. Make sure all the layers have the visibility attribute set to hidden.

  2. Open the Behaviors panel. Click in frame 5 of the B channel.

  3. Click the + button in the Behaviors panel to add a behavior to frame 5. Select the Show-Hide Layer behavior. Set your first layer to show and leave the rest of the layers hidden (don't set anything). A dash appears in the B channel, signaling that the frame contains a behavior.

  4. Select frame 10, click the + button in the Behaviors panel, and repeat the process for the second layer.

  5. Continue to add behaviors until your timeline looks like Figure 18.17.

  6. Figure 18.17 This timeline contains only behaviors in the B channel.

  7. Make sure you select Autoplay and then preview the timeline in the browser.

This timeline should work exactly like the previous timeline. You can use combinations of the two methods. You can insert any behaviors you need into the B channel.

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