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Global Site Editing

FrontPage 2002 has a new interface that is much more like the other programs within the Microsoft Office suite. It includes some of the editing tools that you might expect to find in MS Word, for example.

Some of the global site-editing tools in FrontPage include:

  • Find and Replace tools—These tools are able to find text on a current page or in all pages of the web. You may also select only a few pages in which to find and/or find and replace.

  • Spell Check—This can be run on one page, several selected pages, or all pages in the web.

  • Find in HTML option—this option can be extremely helpful and was new to FrontPage 2000. It, too, may be run against one page while in the HTML view, or you can select to have it check all pages in a web in HTML view.

  • Go To Line Number in HTML find—Use this feature if you are looking for something on a specific line in the HTML code. This option is very useful when trying to troubleshoot a JavaScript error.

Find and Replace Tools

Both the Find and Replace tools are found in the Edit menu. These tools are very easy to use and have been improved over previous versions of FrontPage (see Figure 3–70).

Figure 3-70FIGURE 3–70 Find dialog box.

Simply type in the Find what box the text that you would like to find. If you have a page open in FrontPage, you will have the option to select the direction in which to search the page—either All, Up, or Down the page from the point where the cursor is placed on the page.

Choose the search options you would like to specify. If you have selected the All pages option, the Find in HTML option will be available. Otherwise, FrontPage will look only in the page, in the current view for the open page. If you have selected the Current page option and the current page is in HTML view, FrontPage will search the HTML code.

The Replace tool is similar to the Find tool, with the exception that there is an additional entry box for what you would like to replace the found text with (see Figure 3–71).

Figure 3-71FIGURE 3–71 Replace dialog box.

The Replace dialog box also allows you to choose to replace each instance it finds one at a time or to replace all instances found.

In previous versions of FrontPage, if the All pages option is chosen, FrontPage would work only one page at a time, prompting you to save each page it edits before launching a new page and running a Find and Replace on it. New to FrontPage 2002 is the ability to choose the Replace All option—FrontPage will replace all instances in your web without prompting you to open each page and save it individually. This can be a big time saver!

Spell Check

To run the Spell Check tool against all pages or selected pages in FrontPage, you must first select the Folders view from the Views list on the left pane. While in Folders view, the Spell Check tool can be selected by choosing Spelling from the Tools menu (see Figure 3–72).

Figure 3-72FIGURE 3–72 Spelling dialog box.

To select several pages to run the Spell Check tool on, hold the <Ctrl> key while clicking on the files that you want to spell-check or simply choose to run the Spell Check tool on all pages in the web.

If no pages have been selected in the Folders view, the default, Entire web, will be selected in the Spelling dialog box. You may also select the option to add the found spelling errors to the Tasks view and assign the spelling corrections/edits to someone else or schedule the corrections for later. FrontPage will add the files with misspellings to the Tasks view instead of correcting the spellings.

Go to Line Number in HTML

On any particular page, you may find a specific line number in the HTML code. To accomplish this, simply do the following:

  • Open the desired HTML file in FrontPage.

  • Click the HTML View tab at the bottom of the page.

  • Right-click anywhere in the page in HTML view.

  • Select Go To from the menu (see Figure 3–73).

    Figure 3-73FIGURE 3–73 Go To menu selection in HTML view.

  • Enter the line number you want to find in the code (see Figure 3–74).

    Figure 3-74FIGURE 3–74 Go To Line dialog box.

  • Click OK, and FrontPage will place your cursor on the line you selected to find in the HTML view.

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