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Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery feature in FrontPage 2002 is a great way to display galleries of photos for which FrontPage will automatically format the layout, based on the layout selection you configure. Choose from several preset layouts, add your photos to the gallery with descriptions and captions, and let FrontPage manage the design formatting and thumbnail creation for you. Photo Gallery is a great tool for product displays, employee bio pages or just for personal photographs to share with family and friends through your Web site.

To create a Photo Gallery, follow these simple steps:

  • From the Insert menu, select Web Components.

  • Choose Photo Gallery on the left pane, then select one of the styles from the right pane and click the Finish button to launch the Photo Gallery Options dialog box (see Figure 3–64).

    Figure 3-64FIGURE 3–64 Insert Web Components—Photo Gallery.

  • In the Photo Gallery Properties dialog box, you can add photos to the gallery by clicking the Add button (see Figure 3–65).

    Figure 3-65FIGURE 3–65 Add pictures to a Photo Gallery.

  • Add your photo or graphic selection to the Photo Gallery and customize this photo in the gallery. With the image file name selected in the left pane of the Photo Gallery Properties dialog box, you will see a preview of that graphic in the right pane.

  • Chose to Use font formatting from page or Override and use custom font formatting. If you choose to override the font formatting, you can use the font formatting tools above the caption entry box in the Photo Gallery Properties dialog box to choose the font style, size, color, and more.

  • Type in a Caption for your graphic and a description (see Figure 3–66).

    Figure 3-66FIGURE 3–66 Customizing photos in Photo Gallery Properties dialog box.

  • Repeat the above steps to add more graphics with captions and descriptions, then click the OK button to insert the new Photo Gallery on your Web page (see Figure 3–67).

    Figure 3-67FIGURE 3–67 Photo Gallery inserted on page.

  • You may change the Photo Gallery properties any time by right-clicking over the Photo Gallery in Normal view and selecting Photo Gallery Properties from the menu.

  • In the Photo Gallery Properties dialog box, you can change any of the text captions and descriptions for individual graphics, add more graphics to the gallery, or remove graphics from the gallery.

  • Clicking the Layout tab at the top of the Photo Gallery Properties dialog box gives you the option to change the layout style of the selected Photo Gallery.

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