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Workshop time! Here's a brief quiz to help you make the most out of this hour's lesson as well as activities for you to try on your own.


  1. True or false: Logical documentation shows wire runs and cable boxes.

  2. Physical documentation should include which of the following?

    1. Electrical outlets

    2. A small area of very specific equipment and cables

    3. An overall picture of the network

    4. Server-to-server information exchange

  3. When labeling the router end of a cable, you should include what?

    1. The router name and the port on the hub

    2. The router name

    3. The port on the hub

    4. Either A or C

  4. SOAP stands for what?

    1. Some Other Person

    2. Standard Occupational Parameters

    3. Standard Operating Procedure

    4. Some Operational Processing

Answers to Quiz Questions

  1. False

  2. B

  3. D

  4. C


  1. Go to http://www.smartdraw.com and download the evaluation version of SmartDraw. Draw some of the diagrams from this hour. See how easy it is?

  2. Pick a non-computer system, one with which you're pretty familiar, and document it. Some suggestions: the "org chart" of your company; the color belt progressions of your favorite martial art; or the telephone or home audio setup at your house.

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