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  1. I label cables by number because each cable function can change and it's time-consuming to replace the cable labels. Is this adequate?

  2. Not in my experience. Folks don't always keep track of what numbers are being used, and a number doesn't describe what's at the other end, thus requiring a separate table to translate the numeric cable number to the physical device (which you'll have to update when you change devices, anyway). Do yourself a favor and just put the description on the cable.

  3. What should I document on my maps? What shouldn't I document on my maps?

  4. Completeness is the key here. After you get some experience doing this and practice the techniques in future hours, you'll probably look at your initial maps and say, "I didn't need to write that down." However, you'll only know this after you get some experience under your belt. For now, write it all down; you can edit later.

  5. This all seems overwhelming. Where do I start?

  6. Start simple and you'll be fine. You can start by writing down everything that you know about your network—your server name, where it's plugged in, what hub your computer is plugged into, and so on. Then, you can write down the categories of documentation, along with to-do's for each category.

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