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Call Centers

17. You should be able to contact the ASP support call center in multiple ways: phone, fax, and e-mail. Most ASPs will offer 24x7 support, sometimes for a premium fee. That said, though, the predominant mode of contact is phone calls to live agents.

18. Minimizing wasted time is key to superior customer relations. Studies have shown, for instance, that the average user can tolerate about a two-second response time in applications they use regularly. Greater delay usually upsets their work rhythms so that, for instance, a manager approving loans forwarded to her in a workflow system might forget why she accessed a document, especially if phone calls intervene by the time it appears on the screen. The cumulative effect of such delays undermines service personnel efficiency.

19. Likewise, studies indicate that customers contacting a call center can tolerate about a four-second wait to speak to a representative. Most professional call centers make it mandatory that agents pick up before the third ring, for example. However, if they then put you on hold for 10 minutes, they've ruined a good first impression. Instead of putting you on hold, agents should always direct you to an expert who can resolve your issue.

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