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What You Will Need to Complete the Series Tutorials

Through and together with Microsoft Excel 2000, we'll use Microsoft Query to create an Excel PivotTable report using an OLAP cube as a data source. Microsoft Query provides the capability of establishing connections to cubes, among other functions. Because it's an optional Microsoft Office component, you'll need to ascertain its existence on your PC. If this is the first time you've accessed Microsoft Query on the machine, you may need to consult the Office 2000 online documentation for installation instructions.

You'll also need the Microsoft OLAP Provider, included in a typical Excel 2000 installation, which consists of the Data Source Driver and the client software needed to access cubes created by Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services.

Finally, you'll need access to the server database. This series assumes that Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and specifically the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services components are accessible to/installed on the PC, with the appropriate access rights to the sample cubes provided in a Typical installation of Analysis Services.


Going forward, I'll refer to the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services simply as Analysis Services.

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