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This chapter is from the book


The Workshop contains quiz questions and activities to help reinforce what you've learned in this hour. If you get stuck, the answers to the quiz can be found following the questions.


  1. If you apply a background color to an entire table and you apply a background color to a cell, which color shows up in the cell?

  2. What's the easiest way to add a row at the bottom of a table?

  3. How do you horizontally align all of the objects in a cell in the center?


  1. The cell attributes take precedence here, so the color you applied to the cell will show up.

  2. Put the insertion point in the last cell, the one in the lower right, and press the Tab key. Or, add to the number of rows in the Property inspector with your table selected. It's your choice.

  3. Put the insertion point in the cell and select Center from the horizontal alignment drop-down menu in the Property inspector.


  1. Surf the Web looking for Web page layouts that have used tables. You may be surprised how many Web sites use tables heavily. If you are not sure whether a site uses tables or not, select the View Source command in your browser and look for table tags in the code.

  2. Insert a table and experiment with merging and splitting cells. Insert a new, nested table into one of the cells.

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