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.NET Services

To implement the .NET model, some basic building blocks that define how Web Services will be built must be in place. These services strive to help developers build .NET applications. Microsoft defines the following .NET building block services:

  • Authentication—Using Microsoft authentication technologies as well as Microsoft Passport, developers can create personalized services and secure services as desired.

  • Messaging—Messaging features of .NET are built on the MSN Hotmail Web-based e-mail service, Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, and Instant Messaging. These messaging systems and features can be delivered to any device because of their platform independence.

  • Personalized Experience—.NET gives the user more control over data handling rules and preferences that define how data should be moved and managed.

  • XML—XML is considered a universal language that enables data to be moved from one form to another while maintaining its integrity. Along with Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), XML can provide a flexible service for managing and handling data.

One of the first implementations of the .NET service offering is Microsoft HailStorm. HailStorm is a user-centric service that provides end users the capability to store personal information such as contacts, calendar, and other personal and financial information. The result of a user subscribing to this service is that this information can be shared with other applications at the user's discretion, which translates into an easier, much friendlier, and more secure user experience when conducting activities on the Web. As time goes on, you will see similar Web Services offered by companies trying to sell you on subscribing to their service, which fulfills the concept of "software as a service." As you can see from this discussion, .NET makes use of several Microsoft technologies that may not be readily adapted and received by the computing and Internet community.

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