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Resetting a Platform Administrator's Lost Password

This section contains a procedure, documented in the README file of patch 800054-01, on how to use the Control-A and Control-X commands to reset a platform administrator's password.

If a platform administrator's password is lost, use the following procedure to clear the original password.


This procedure should be used only as a last resort, because it requires resetting BootFlags settings.

To reset a platform administrator's password:

  1. Reboot the system controller.

    ds7-sc0:SC> reboot
    Are you sure you want to reboot the system controller now? [no] y
  2. During the first 30 seconds, press Control-A.

    You must enter the keyboard sequence within the first 30 seconds of reboot for the command to be accepted. The RTOS prompt is displayed.

  3. Make a note of the current BootFlags settings.

    You will need these to restore the BootFlags to their original values.

    -> getBootFlags()
    value = 12 = 0xc
  4. Save the 0x number for use later when you restore the BootFlags settings.

  5. Change the BootFlags to disable autoboot.

    -> setBootFlags (0x10)
    value = 12 = 0xc
  6. Reboot the system controller by pressing Control-X.

    After you reset it, the RTOS prompt is displayed.

  7. Reset the system controller platform password by entering the following commands:

    -> kernelTimeSlice 5
    value = 0 = 0x0
    -> javaConfig
    Loading JVM...done
    value = 0 = 0x0
    -> javaClassPathSet "/sc/flash/lib/scapp.jar:/sc/flash/lib/jdmkrt.jar" 
    value = 30908120 = 0x1d79ed8
    -> javaLoadLibraryPathSet "/sc/flash"
    value = 33546104 = 0x1ffdf78 = userSigMon + 0x678
    -> java "-Djava.compiler=NONE -Dline.separator=\r\n sun.serengeti.cli.Password"
    value = 0 = 0x0

    The system controller displays the following messages:

    -> Clearing SC Platform password...
    Done. Reboot System Controller.

    Wait until all of the messages are displayed.

  8. Restore the BootFlags settings to their original values using the setBootFlags() command. Use the value displayed for Step 3.

    -> setBootFlags (0xC)
    value = 16 = 0x10
  9. Reboot the system controller by pressing Control-X.

    When you reboot the SC, the platform administrator's password is cleared.

  10. Log on to the system controller Platform Shell.

    The system does not prompt you for a password.

  11. Set the new Platform password.

    For instructions, refer to "Define Platform Password" on page 16.

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