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Part 1 Analysis

This article saw Chris get burdened unexpectedly with having to build a potentially complex Web site in a relatively short period of time (and with a pretty thin budget!). Overall, the variables that he has to work with at this point include the following:

  • He has to create a site in just over three months' time (the end of the next quarter).

  • He has to build the site with only $100,000 in his budget (before marketing).

  • His boss, Marvin, apparently doesn't have a great understanding about the Web, but also seems to accept much of Chris's advice.

  • Gary, a coworker who makes his contempt for Chris fairly obvious, has also been appointed to track the progress of the project.

  • Another coworker, Erica, is on Chris's side, and has a friend who works for a Web development firm.

Fortunately for Chris, his boss seems to take his advice pretty often. This will likely prove helpful in the future as the site gets developed. Chris will also benefit from having made some good decisions up to this point, including the following:

  • Talking Marvin into building the site one phase at a time rather than trying to get all of the products on the Web at once.

  • Pointing out to Marvin the benefits of being able to test a smaller site with their audience so that they can make necessary changes before the whole site is built.

  • Quickly backing off of his request to set a development and a marketing budget at the same time (he saw that Marvin was hesitant when the subject was brought up).

Chris will have to watch out as moves forward, however, and will want to take the following into consideration:

  • Using Erica's friend as a Web development resource is a good start toward finding an outside vendor. But if things go badly for any reason between Chris and her friend, Chris may lose one of the closest allies and helpers that he has.

  • Gary seems ready to pounce on Chris's every mistake, so Chris needs to make sure he's as on-target with his decisions as possible. Because Marvin doesn't really understand the Web very much, he may be highly susceptible to Gary's suggestions.

  • Chris' idea of testing a smaller site to customers is good, but it may be a mistake to test the site out only after it's been built. Even with limited time, Chris may want to consider having a test done before the site is launched.

With the clock ticking, Chris and Erica begin the process of interviewing and reviewing a Web production agency to help them with their project. But will their time and budget constraints compromise the quality and final result of the site?

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