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Common Error Messages

This section describes common error messages that you might find in the error log during mod_dav installation:

Lock Database

If you find a message similar to the following:

(2)No such file or directory: A lock database was not specified with the DAVLockDB
 directive. One must be specified to use the locking functionality. [500, #401]

The message means that, as the text says, you need to provide a DavLockDB directive in the configuration file. If the directive is specified, but the directory containing the lock file cannot be written to; you will get a message like the following:

The lock database could not be opened, preventing access to the various
lock properties for the PROPFIND. [500, #0]

Fix the permissions so the path of the DavLockDB directive has write permission for the user Apache runs as.

Web Folders

If you can't connect to your DAV server via a Microsoft Web folder and you find something similar to

"OPTIONS /davdocs HTTP/1.1" 301

in the access log, it means that Apache is sending a redirect (HTTP code 301) to the Microsoft client, but the client is getting confused. Apache provides a workaround against this buggy behavior, as explained in earlier sections. Make sure that the following line is present in your configuration file:

BrowserMatch "Microsoft Data Access Internet Publishing Provider" redirect-carefully
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