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This chapter is from the book


The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered. Try to answer the questions before checking the answers.


  1. Which is a better quality audio format to use for your original files—AIF or WAV?

    1. AIF, because it was developed for the Macintosh.

    2. WAV, because it was developed more recently.

    3. Neither, because they both can be the same quality.

  2. Where do you place sounds in order to hear them in the final movie?

    1. In the Library, in symbols, or in keyframes.

    2. In keyframes (no matter where they are).

    3. In the sound layer.

  3. How do you make a sound loop forever?

    1. You can't, but you can type a really high number in the Loop field of the Properties panel, and that's close enough.

    2. Type infinity into the Loop field.

    3. Make sure the sound file has "loop" in the filename.

Quiz Answers

  1. C. There's nothing inherently better about AIF or WAV—either can be high quality or low quality.

  2. B. Sounds are placed into keyframes, either via the Properties panel (when a keyframe is selected) or by dragging the sound right onto the stage from the Library.

  3. A. Although all these options seem equally goofy, the first option is the one that works. By the way, you can only type integers into the loop field, so something such as "1.5" won't work either.

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