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1.8 Summary: Staying Ahead of Chaos

The recurring theme of this chapter is that our event-driven global information society is heading into a lot of trouble if we don't pay attention to tackling and solving a number of related problems.

  • Monitor events at every level in IT systems—worldwide and in real time.

  • Detect complex patterns of events, consisting of events that are widely distributed in time and location of occurrence.

  • Trace causal relationships between events in real time, both horizontally within a level of system activity and vertically between high and low levels of system activity.

  • Take appropriate action when patterns of events of interest or concern are detected.

  • Modify our monitoring and action strategies in real time, on the fly.

  • Design our systems to incorporate autonomous processes for applying levelwise event monitoring and viewing and for taking appropriate actions.

What we are talking about here is developing an event processing technology applicable to every level of system operations in all our IT layers. Such a technology is a key foundation to managing the electronic enterprise and is critical to developing capabilities to defend our IT systems.

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