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Work Experience

Employment History

The Moulton Company
1980 to present
Position: CEO-Course Develop/Trainer-Consultant-PC/Network Support-Janitor

Okay, so I did everything including sweep the floors. Here, it is important to have a consistent chronological employment history for the last five to seven years. If the money you seek is important, then list your starting and ending salary for each position. There is no stigma if your salary moves up and down over your employment history because technical salaries vary, depending upon the technical employment market. Employers fear that someone wanting a high salary may focus on that and leave their position for a higher-paying job before contributing to the organization hiring them. Putting in compensation figures may limit you to jobs that pay the same or more than your past positions.

Founded and built a profitable training company that trained more than 1,700 Digital Field Service personnel, hundreds of EDS personnel, and government personnel in a variety of agencies; developed and delivered a variety of direct-mail advertised seminars for the Edison Institute, The Advanced Institute for Technology (AIT) Two Rivers Technologies, and other direct-mail marketing companies on PCs. Networking, Telecommunications, and other technical topics in the computer and communications fields that made such public seminar direct mail marketing companies several million dollars over a 5–10-year period. In the past three years, Mr. Moulton authored three books (A+ Certification and PC Repair Guide, The Telecommunications Survival Guide, and Small Office Home Office Networking, published by Prentice-Hall) to promote his company's technical capabilities. For fun, Mr. Moulton developed and produced the Technically Correct TV show on ABC Channel 2, as well as the Dial-A-Nerd Radio show on WJFK and WCBM in Baltimore.

The job statement is most critical. Although the one above is not the absolute best, it should convey that I created and ran a successful, profitable seminar developing and training company for more than 20 years. The key information conveyed includes my business and financial knowledge, as well as technical skills.

Mr. Moulton's experience includes positions at General Electric Information Services Company and the United States Senate.

If you are applying for a corporate position, you should have some corporate experience listed.

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