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Essential Resume Elements

Now, let's look at the essential elements of any resume. First of all, there should be no misspellings in the resume anywhere. How can you contribute to an enterprise if you do not use good spelling? With today's desktop publishing programs, there is no excuse to be a poor speller. The resume starts with how you are contacted.

Name: Pete Moulton
Address: 7000 Rivers Edge Road
Columbia, Maryland 21044
Telephone: 410-555-4141
Fax: 410-555-212
Web site: http://www.moultonco.com

The essential information includes the name, address, and telephone number. A fax number and Web site URL make it easy to find more detailed information and to exchange information (when required). This need not be fancy. Always remember that a resume informs, but should not be overblown to impress someone. A good manager reviews all resumes received. Some fancy resumes can stand out from the others, but fanciness does not guarantee an interview. Factual information that is well-presented is just as likely to open the interview door as is a standout resume. If you need to stand out, use colored paper.

Position Sought:
CEO of a multimillion dollar technology enterprise

The key here is to put down a general enough statement of what it is that you really want to do. The position sought should be general enough to fit into several industries. It also should fit with your general career goals. In some cases, this may not be a move up the ladder, but rather a comfortable retirement job. Notice that this is a single phrase—not a long paragraph. Goals should be succinctly stated.

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