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Don't Be an Unwitting Collaborator

In many senses, adding a wireless capability to your network is like adding a miniature Internet to your network, in the sense that you're creating an opening for potentially hostile elements. A cyberterrorist would only need to drive around an area until a LAN could be found that either had lots of bandwidth or vulnerable systems, and use those resources to launch attacks on local and/or remote networks and systems.

In effect, your wireless network can be a cyberterrorist dreamland. Chris O'Ferrell, chief technology officer of the wireless technology company Netsec, knows this firsthand. He keeps an eye out for vulnerable 802.11 networks, and is amazed at how many he finds. Located in Herndon, Virginia, Netsec's offices are in the heart of "Spook Valley," where the Pentagon, the CIA, and many information-security companies are located. While driving through Washington's Dulles International Airport, O'Ferrell says he can often see baggage-operator networks on his computer.

So much for increased airport security in our nation's capital.

Would you really want a cyberterrorist using the bandwidth in your company to launch attacks against you or others? How easy is it? This easy. Just click here and follow the easy-to-use instructions.

Sleep tight.

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