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Cracking WEP

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Array Swapping

An array is a programming term used to hold multiple values. For example, consider the alphabetArray(26). This array would hold 26 values, with each value represented by the number in the array. For example:


However, in the case of a secure application of an array, we want to scramble the values held in each position. If this wasn't done, a hacker could easily predict what was in alphabetArray(26). To do this, a swapping function can be performed on the array. For example, consider the following illustration:


Swap (alphabetArray(1), alphabetArray(2))
Swap(A, B) ‡ (B,A)


As you can see, the values held in each array position were switched with each other. If this same process is done over and over again using a psuedo random routine, you won't be able to tell what value is held in any of the array positions.

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